FLEGT and REDD+ initiatives both require strong structures to:

  • Oversee the processes
  • Ensure stakeholder participation
  • Deal with technical challenges, such as legal reforms and monitoring
  • Overcome the limited capacity of government official and community representatives
  • Pool resources for effective coordination and implementation

By communicating effectively the two initiatives can improve planning, build on each other's strengths and make more efficient use of resources.

Example: Democratic Republic of the Congo

The Democratic Republic of the Congo has provincial REDD+ focal points. The role of these focal points is to support their province's readiness for REDD+ activities, facilitate stakeholder participation and coordinate pilot activities.

The national REDD+ coordinating body and the technical commission on FLEGT have pooled resources to train the provincial focal points on both topics in an effort to ensure that the REDD+ and FLEGT processes support each other.

This training will enable the provincial REDD+ focal points to communicate clearly about FLEGT, and facilitates information sharing and reforms at provincial level.