Transparency and access to information

A crucial aspect of FLEGT and REDD+ initiatives is public access to information on topics such as land tenure and use, applicable legal frameworks, implementation of safeguards and benefit distribution.

FLEGT Voluntary Partnership Agreements (VPAs) include detailed requirements about transparency and information which must be publicly available. The measurement, monitoring, reporting and verification requirements of REDD+ will also generate significant amounts of information about land use and land use changes that will contribute to increased transparency.

When this information is publicly available and easily accessible to stakeholders, it facilitates their involvement and effective participation in the development and implementation of FLEGT and REDD+ at country level.

Example: the Republic of the Congo

In the Republic of the Congo, the REDD National Coordination and the Forest Legality and Traceability Unit of the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Forest Economy and Environment developed a digital REDD+ and FLEGT document library, which they disseminated to stakeholder groups on CDs.

The library allows stakeholders to have access to material such as legal documents, studies, communication material and briefing notes relating to the FLEGT and REDD+ processes.

Developing one library relevant to the two processes achieved significant economies of scale in both development and dissemination. By providing stakeholders with better access to information, the library promotes effective participation in both processes. The library also contributes to fulfilling the transparency and information requirement of the Congolese VPA with the EU.

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