The EU REDD Facility supports developing countries to improve land-use governance as part of their efforts to slow, halt and reverse deforestation. We contribute to the overall EU effort to reduce the impact on deforestation in developing countries. Read more


Partnership. We are finding ways for Indonesian districts and provinces to show when commodities like palm oil are produced sustainably. By defining ‘jurisdictional sustainability’ and mapping commodity supply chains, measuring sustainability becomes possible. Read more


We collaborate with national and international stakeholders in the public and private sectors and civil society organisations to contribute to local, national, European and international policy-making on land-use governance and REDD+. Read more


Report. This analysis identifies the main risks to which the various investors interested in the development of (agro)forestry projects in Côte d'Ivoire are exposed. It also describes the various opportunities available to them. Read more


We engage with REDD+ countries in Africa and Asia – Cameroon, Côte d'Ivoire, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Indonesia, Laos, Republic of the Congo and Vietnam – and we are expanding our work in Latin America. Read more


Tool. The Land-use Planner is an interactive economic tool to inform land-use planning processes. It helps stakeholders develop land-use scenarios in a simple and participatory way, and estimate the costs and benefits of policy decisions. Visit website


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