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COP22: Addressing forest governance challenges to tackle deforestation

COP22: Addressing forest governance challenges to tackle deforestation

Finding solutions to underlying land-use governance challenges is essential to reduce deforestation driven by agricultural commodity production - that was the takeaway message from the EU side event on tropical forest governance on Tuesday, 8 November at COP22 in Marrakech.

Speakers at the event. See full list here


The side event highlighted a number of lessons learnt from existing EU policies that can help inform future action to tackle deforestation – including experiences from the EU Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) Action Plan and FLEGT VPAs.

Participants at the side event discussed the importance of stakeholder participation and coordination for better forest governance – underlying the point that local authorities, communities and the private sector in commodity-producing countries can work together to develop a common understanding of legal and sustainable standards for forest-risk commodities at jurisdictional level.

Another conclusion was to support zero deforestation commodities through increasing demand on the consumer side and also encouraging stakeholder involvement on the supply side. A broad range of incentives is needed to ensure stakeholder buy-in in low carbon development at jurisdictional level.

The event speakers said that tenure security for communities is essential in avoiding negative impacts caused by large land-use developments. Secure land tenure is an important element of land-use governance and is increasingly being viewed as an effective carbon storage approach.

The EU is exploring policy options to tackle deforestation driven by the consumption and production of forest-risk commodities. These lessons from public and private stakeholders can provide further input and direction on how the EU can work with its partners to find solutions to land-use governance challenges in commodity-producing countries. 

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