The EU REDD Facility works with partners in tropical forest countries in Africa, Asia and South America, developing innovative solutions and approaches to improve land-use governance. This entails work on legal frameworks and enforcement, sustainable land use, finance and incentives, and transparency in supply chains. We also support policy-makers in Europe as they implement new policies that promote sustainable land use and investment. 

In all of this work and through the various tools the Facility develops, we engage with and promote dialogue among people with varied interests in forests — from policy-makers and business leaders to representatives from civil society and local communities.

These ways of working align with the EU’s prioritisation of partnership approaches to help reduce pressures on forests in commodity-producing countries. Definitions and responsibilities are clarified, credible information for decision-makers shared, and trust between partners is fostered. This results in increased transparency and accountability in the forest and land-use sectors. Through these efforts, the Facility builds an enabling environment for forest-friendly development and investment, and helps countries to implement their targets under the Paris Agreement on climate change, also known as Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).

The Facility is hosted by the European Forest Institute and was established in 2010. We are currently funded by the EU, Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands.

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In the past the Facility also received funding from France, Spain and the United Kingdom.