Tracking private finance for forests: approaches and opportunities for tropical forest countries

In the lead up to the Paris Agreement on climate change, countries mapped out post-2020 climate plans – known as nationally determined contributions (NDCs). To implement actions on land-use mitigation and adaptation laid out in their NDCs, tropical forest countries will need financial resources.

The importance of mobilising large-scale private finance to meet climate pledges and NDC objectives is globally recognised. Yet tracking and monitoring private investments related to forests and land-use in tropical forest countries remains limited and challenging. Now, some practitioners are finding ways to shed light on the private sector’s role in financing nature-based solutions and sustainable land-use.


On 8 November on the sidelines of COP26, we will host an online event at the EU Pavilion to:

  • Understand the dimensions of private land-use finance and challenges with its tracking
  • Explore ways to quantify private investments and increase the transparency and accountability of climate commitments
  • Discuss how tracking financial flows can support financial institutions and businesses’ efforts to increase sustainable financing and align investments with climate goals

Speakers will be:

  • Asger Strange Olesen, Chief Climate and Ecosystems officer, Forest Stewardship Council
  • Gabriela Coser, Climate Finance Analyst, Climate Policy Initiative Brazil
  • Ivo Mulder, Head of the Climate Finance Unit at UNEP

The event will be moderated by Adeline Dontenville, Land-use finance lead, European Forest Institute.

Event details

This workshop is organised in the context of COP26 in collaboration with UNEP.