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Call for tender: Facilitateur FLEGT & REDD en Côte d’Ivoire

The European Forest Institute has issued a call for a Facilitateur FLEGT & REDD en Côte d’Ivoire.

Advancing forest and land-use governance in tropical forest countries

The EU is exploring ways to step up efforts to address deforestation and strengthen implementation of its Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) Action Plan on illegal logging.

COP22: Addressing forest governance challenges to tackle deforestation

COP22: Addressing forest governance challenges to tackle deforestation Finding solutions to underlying land-use governance challenges is essential to reduce deforestation driven by...

Identifying opportunities to tackle corruption in REDD+ and FLEGT

Identifying opportunities to tackle corruption in REDD+ and FLEGT Representatives from EU institutions, REDD+ and FLEGT stakeholders and NGOs gathered at the European Parliament on 12 October...

New policy briefs on implementing REDD+ in Vietnam

Five new policy briefs examine synergies between FLEGT and REDD+ in implementing forest governance processes at local level in Vietnam. The international conservation organisation Fauna and...

FLEGT Week 2015: FLEGT and REDD+ linkages, the Report

FLEGT Week 2015 was a unique opportunity to reflect on the full scope of the  EU FLEGT Action Plan , including but not limited to  VPAs  and the  EU Timber Regulation , learn...

REDD + implementation rolls out in DRC province

A ‘REDD+ Provincial University’ took place in the city of Bandundu, Democratic Republic of the Congo, from 28 April to 2 May 2014.

Proforest and the EU REDD Facility publish briefings on FLEGT and REDD+

FLEGT can support successful REDD+ implementation by promoting improved forest governance and law enforcement, addressing some of the drivers of deforestation and forest degradation and...

Workshop in DRC fosters interactions on REDD+ and FLEGT at provincial level

The national REDD+ coordinating body (CN REDD), the technical commission on FLEGT (CT FLEGT) and the EU REDD Facility organised a training workshop in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)...

EFI 20 Years Science and Policy Forum: Our forests in the 21st century – ready for risks and opportunities?

EFI is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2013. During these two decades, the institute has evolved in many respects and has led to major achievements.

Forest governance and links between FLEGT and REDD+

Experts from the EU REDD and EU FLEGT facilities discussed interactions between the two forest governance processes for the Forest Sector Support Partnership newsletter issued by Vietnam’s Ministry...
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