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EFI seeks a Forest Governance Expert

EFI seeks a Forest Governance Expert

The European Forest Institute (EFI) is seeking a Forest Governance Expert for the EU FLEGT Facility, based at EFI's office in Barcelona, Spain. 

The expert will provide support and guidance to FLEGT processes in particular in Africa, focusing mainly on stakeholder inclusion and participatory decision-making; legislative and policy reform; governance, institutional and capacity development issues; and timber legality assurance system design and implementation. The Expert will work closely with stakeholders in timber producing countries including governments, forest operators, industry and civil society, as well as the European Commission, EU Delegations and EU Member States. 

The Expert will focus on:

  • Contribute to the EU FLEGT Facility’s work to strategically and practically advance forest and land-use governance.
  • Provide technical guidance to support to VPA negotiations and implementation processes in timber producing countries.
  • Assist countries, particularly in Africa and potentially Latin America, in their development and implementation of measures and systems to increase accountability and legality along the timber supply chain, implement institutional, policy and legal reforms, and structure stakeholder inclusion in sector reform processes.
  • Assess and address forest / land-use governance challenges in timber producing countries.
  • Carry out analysis to inform strategic thinking and approaches to enhance and expedite forest / landuse governance.
  • Assist bilateral and regional dialogues to inform forest and land-use governance improvements.
  • Increase understanding and raise awareness of the potential interactions between FLEGT, REDD+, land use and drivers of deforestation. 

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Application deadline: 25 January 2019