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Want to unlock finance for sustainable land-use?


Want to unlock finance for sustainable land-use?

To help tropical governments and their partners better understand and influence private and public investments affecting forests at national and sub-national levels, the EU REDD Facility has published the Land-use Finance Tool, co-developed with Climate Policy Initiative (CPI).

What is the Land-use Finance Tool?

The Land-use Finance Tool enables a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the alignment of public and private spending with climate and forest objectives. It provides a set of guidelines, templates and training materials to help tropical countries and their partners to analyse financial flows.

This allows users to: 

  1. Better understand existing expenditures from domestic and international sources, and identify financial gaps and barriers to investment to prioritise action and mobilise resources
  2. Identify options to redirect unsustainable investments and inform national and jurisdictional cross-sectoral discussions on land-use investments
  3. Monitor the progress of resource mobilisation and investment strategies, thereby improving transparency and accountability

The land-use finance mapping process consists of eight steps, which are detailed in specific modules.

Case studies

Several countries and jurisdictions have already used the Land-use Finance Tool to map land-use investments. Côte d’Ivoire was a pioneer in mapping public investments related to land use in 2017. The country identified the main financing gaps for the implementation of its National REDD+ Strategy, as well as opportunities to redirect spending that was allocated for activities threatening forests. In 2018, Vietnam used the Tool’s approach to assess whether public spending planned for 2016-2020 in the Central Highlands region matched REDD+ objectives, and to identify best mechanisms to channel funding. More countries and jurisdictions are preparing similar analyses.


Find out more

Are you curious about what the Land-use Finance Tool offers? Please visit to download the guidelines, request more information or express your interest in training on the Tool’s different modules. More details on our launch webinar, taking place on 22 February 2019, can be found here.