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REDD+ can support and benefit from an EU initiative called FLEGT, which stands for forest law enforcement, governance and trade.

The EU developed its FLEGT Action Plan in response to global concerns about the negative impacts of illegal logging. Under the Action Plan the EU has banned imports of illegally harvested timber and is developing bilateral trade agreements called Voluntary Partnership Agreements (VPAs) with timber exporting countries. These VPAs aim to improve forest governance and ensure that only legal timber reaches the EU market.

FLEGT can support REDD+ implementation by:

  • Addressing forest governance and law enforcement
  • Promoting more transparent and inclusive national land use policies
  • Establishing strong and effective multistakeholder processes
  • Creating enabling conditions for scaled-up investments
  • Providing examples of actions which could be considered in relation to the agricultural commodities which drive forest loss.
  • REDD+ can support FLEGT by:

  • Providing an incentive for conservation, sustainable use and restoration of forests
  • Increasing momentum to improve governance of land use, to clarify land tenure and to build technical capacity and safeguards in the forest sector
  • Providing additional sources of finance

In many tropical countries there is active engagement with both FLEGT and REDD+. This provides an opportunity to build on the interactions between the two processes and make better progress on delivering the objectives of both. For more information see the EU REDD Facility's briefing notes on FLEGT-REDD+ linkages:

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