European Commission study published on financing options for REDD+ activities

The report's main recommendation is to put "sustained" investments to strengthen governance and institutional capacity at the centre of REDD+ architecture and to redefine REDD+ performance.

The study, published by Alain Karsenty et al., suggests that good results will require previous investment in various sectoral activities that strengthen governance and institutional capacity. Future progress in REDD+ will require support to developing countries to carry out legal and policy reforms that lead to long-term and sustainable land use as well as improvements in governance, improved forest management and conservation of forest lands.

The study recommends redefining "performance" to be not just based on measuring results of efforts to reduce current carbon emission levels, but also based on results of sustained investments in structural and long-term reforms in agriculture, tenure and governance. It will be critical for governments that receive REDD+ financing, to understand that good results in the long term will stem from effective capacity building, sustainable use of forest resources and land use that ensures social and environmental progress and secures the sustainable provision of goods and services.

The full report, commissioned for the Directorate General for Climate Action of the European Commission and published by CIRAD, the French centre for agricultural research and development is available here.

La version française du résumé du rapport est disponible en cliquant ici