New study launched on the impacts of EU consumption on deforestation

A new study assesses the impact of EU consumption on global deforestation. It also surveys actions that could be taken to address the situation.

The study, which covers the period 1990–2008, examines how much the production, trade and consumption of soya, palm oil, cocoa and other commodities have contributed to deforestation. The analysis directly links deforestation in producer countries to consumption in consumer countries. The results show the amount of deforestation embodied in imports by commodity and by country.

The study finds that most of the goods associated with deforestation are consumed in the producer countries. The EU imports 35% of the total amount of goods traded internationally. For agricultural commodities, the EU imports and consumes 7% of total global consumption. Oil crops stand out as a major import commodity that contributes to the EU's impact on global deforestation.

The five institutes that conducted the research are Vito, IIASA, Cicero, K.U. Leuven and IUCN-Netherlands.

Three reports are available:

graph_euimports_deforestation_study.png : 69Kb

Source: Final report 'The impact of EU consumption on deforestation: Comprehensive analysis of the impact of EU consumption on deforestation'