REDD+ and governance to be discussed at the Doha Climate Change Conference

The EU REDD Facility is organising a side event to provide an opportunity to better understanding the needs of countries looking to implement REDD+, and to promote an exchange of experiences among stakeholders as to how countries have been dealing with REDD+ governance and the rule of law.

Addressing governance issues associated with the drivers of deforestation and forest degradation is critical to the successful implementation of REDD+. An independent report commissioned by the FCPF and UN-REDD recently surveyed 22 REDD+ countries in order to understand their REDD+ implementation needs. Governance support emerged as a top priority, particularly the issue of needed legal reform and strengthened law enforcement. In this context, key issues to be discussed during the event include:

• What are the governance needs and gaps of REDD+ countries?
• What specific challenges are countries facing as they create and implement an enabling legal framework for REDD+ activities?
• To what extent can REDD+ spur countries to engage in legal reforms that secure forest rights and promote sustainable forest management?
• How can REDD+ support law enforcement?
• What types of legal reforms are needed to facilitate the implementation of national REDD+ strategies?

High profile speakers including Thais Juvenal from the UN-REDD Secretariat, Mas Achmad Santosa from the REDD+ Presidential Task Force in Indonesia, Ivan Dario Valencia Rodriguez, REDD+ negotiator from Colombia and Thais Narciso from Globe International, will discuss these and other key issues. 



When? Wednesday 28 November 2012 from 13:00 to 15:00
Where? EU Pavilion (room Lefkosia), Qatar National Convention Centre


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You can find more information at the Doha Climate Change Conference website