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Addressing legal reform needs as countries prepare for REDD+

On 28 November, the EU REDD Facility organised a side event at the UNFCCC Climate Change Conference in Doha to promote better understanding of the needs of countries looking to implement REDD+.

Governance findings in the Country Needs Assessment

Presentation by Thais Linhares-Juvenal, senior officer of the UN-REDD Programme Secretariat. It presents results of the 22 country needs assessments carried out by UN-REDD and the Forest Caron...


Governance reform through REDD+ Indonesia

Presentation by Mas Achmad Santosa, who heads the Working Group on legal review and law enforcement in Indonesia’s REDD+ Presidential Task Force. It describes the REDD+ institutional setting in...


Supporting legislative reform for REDD+ in Mexico and the DRC

Presentation by Thais Narciso,forest policy officer at GLOBE International. It describes the work done by the Globe Legislator’s Forest Initiative, which supports legislators committed to...