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Hutan adat dan pengelolaan kayu: langkah ke depan bagi Indonesia

Masyarakat adat melindungi, mengelola, dan memanfaatkan hutan mereka dengan berbagai cara. Misalnya, beberapa masyarakat adat menebang dan menjual kayu yang mereka peroleh sebagai sumber mata...

A way forward for Indonesian customary forests and timber management

Supporting customary and indigenous groups to manage the forests they depend on helps reduce deforestation in tropical countries, recent research suggests.

Customary forests and timber management: a way forward in Indonesia

By Satrio A. Wicaksono and Paramita L. Iswari Customary and indigenous groups protect, manage, and use their forests in many ways, some relying on logging and the timber trade to...

Bringing our voices to the land-use governance dialogue

I’m pleased to introduce this new EU REDD Facility blog, where our experts will share their thoughts about and experiences with working with our partners in tropical forest countries in Africa,...