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Proforest and the EU REDD Facility publish briefings on FLEGT and REDD+

FLEGT and REDD+ are two innovative approaches to better forest governance worldwide.

FLEGT can support successful REDD+ implementation by promoting improved forest governance and law enforcement, addressing some of the drivers of deforestation and forest degradation and establishing strong and effective multistakeholder processes. FLEGT is thereby creating enabling conditions for scaled-up investments and providing a transparent and inclusive national process for policymaking in the land use sector. REDD+ can support FLEGT through increased momentum to support change in the forest sector, access to finance and significantly increased political attention.

In many tropical countries there is active engagement with both FLEGT and REDD+. There are clear overlaps between the two, presenting both opportunities and challenges for those involved.

Proforest and the EU REDD Facility have released four briefings on FLEGT and REDD+. Three of the briefings describe these two approaches and the links between them. They are updates of Proforest briefing notes of 2011, with new information on efforts to coordinate and build connections in countries working on both FLEGT and REDD+. A new, fourth briefing describes approaches to working with the private sector on REDD+.

The four briefings in English are:

Introduction to FLEGT
Introduction to REDD+
Linking FLEGT and REDD+
Working with the private sector on REDD+

Briefings in French:

Briefings in Spanish: