What we do

The EU REDD Facility supports countries engaged in REDD+ to reduce deforestation and forest degradation through improved forest and land-use governance.

The Facility develops and implements innovative solutions that inform REDD+ and FLEGT policies, support zero-deforestation commitments and promote sustainable supply chains. We collaborate with a broad range of stakeholders in the public and private sectors and civil society organisations to contribute to subnational, national, EU and international policy-making.

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Objectives and actions

To support REDD+ countries implementing their Nationally-Determined Contributions (NDCs) under the Paris Agreement on climate change, the Facility works on the following topics:


Unclear land allocation and forest conversion are among the underlying causes of deforestation and forest degradation. Clear legal frameworks are key to good forest and land-use governance. Read more


  Legal frameworks’ contribution to forest-related climate change targets in Indonesia

  Combining independent monitoring of forest governance and REDD+

  Creating incentives for logging companies to engage in REDD+ in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

  Strengthening the participation of civil society in REDD+ in the Republic of the Congo

  Linking REDD+ and FLEGT at the provincial level in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

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The EU REDD Facility has developed tools and approaches to support sustainable land-use investment and management. Read more


  Building a mapping alliance for inclusive and transparent land-use planning in Cameroon

  Unlocking finance for land-use mitigation and adaptation

  Mapping financial flows to support REDD+ efforts in Côte d'Ivoire

  Building a business case for forest-friendly commodities in Côte d'Ivoire

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To help end deforestation, public and private actors need reliable information on forest-risk supply chains so they can manage risks in their procurement and investment policies. Read more


  Devising independent monitoring of REDD+ in the Republic of the Congo

  Unlocking supply chain data to reduce deforestation: Trase

  Enhancing transparency by linking data on land-use licences and revenue in Indonesia

  Tracking sustainable palm oil and defining jurisdictional sustainability: seeking scalable solutions in Indonesia

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